Blog of Pomme

Blog of Pomme

Wake up every morning and step into the fresh mountain air. With a fresh juice and delicious bread roll you step into the ski school. There you catch up with your colleagues. Then you get ready for a whole day of doing what you love best: skiing! It’s great that you can pass on this passion to the group of pupils you have for the week.
It is motivating to see the progress of your group throughout the week and how much fun they have on the slats. In addition, you build a nice relationship with them. The end of the day happens in the après-ski. This happens with the most wonderful sing-alongs and a nice beer together with your colleagues.

Last season, I had the opportunity to experience this day in and day out and it certainly did not bore me. I can’t wait to go back this year!

Blog Silas

Blog of Silas

In the summer of 2020, I was finally able to chase the first part of my dream; getting an Anwärter diploma to teach skiing to the new generation of winter sports enthusiasts. Together with a great group of participants, we travelled to the Hintertux glacier, an area where you can ski in the morning and enjoy a well-deserved snack and drink in your shorts on the terrace in the afternoon.

It all started a few months before. Together with my girlfriend, I applied for the information day in Zoetermeer. After an extensive presentation and two hours of training on the indoor ski slope we had made our choice. We were going to sign up for the Anwärter diploma at Snowsports Netherlands. The nice thing about Snowsports is their enthusiasm and passion for snow. During the training they are always available for questions, advice and/or sociability. I did the 10-day summer course which was completely hosted in Austria.

The days are long and intense, but there is also enough time to enjoy the surroundings you are in. I will give you a brief outline of what one of the days looks like. In the morning, the alarm went off at 07:00, I put on my ski outfit and could sit down at the – by the hotel – well prepared breakfast buffet. Then we caught the bus that took us to the gondolas. Including a break on the mountain, you are active on your skis for about 4 hours. A quick stop at the skiraum to store the skis and then on to the lift to go down. In the afternoon we had three hours of theory explained by our Ausbilders. This might sound long, but don’t forget that it’s about something you really enjoy doing; skiing! After these lessons you can enjoy a 3-course menu prepared by the hotel. The menu is different every night and there is something for everyone. After dinner there is always time to go over the theory and/or practice with the Snowsports instructors. If you have no questions, or just want to chill out, you can do so in the spa or in the bar. The hotel has enough facilities to recharge yourself for the next day.

Thanks to Snowsports, this trip has become a time to remember. A beautiful side effect are the friendships you build during this week. You get to know each other really well, you help each other study and of course you all share the same passion: Winter sports.

Blog of Céline

My experience of the Anwärter course

During the summer course in Hintertux I got my Anwärter diploma with the help of Snowsports. Snowsports prepared our group well for the training by giving us a fanatical training on the mountain on our arrival in Austria. During the training we made a lot of meters, the basic posture was explained and we could get used to the altitude, the material and the snow. Very nice to start the training like this!
During the 10-day course you’ll be on the slopes early in the morning and in the afternoon you’ll get lectures on various subjects such as avalanche science, materials science and kinematics. The combination of practice and theory is very instructive, but at times quite tough. Luckily the Snowsports supervisors and trainers are there for you every minute of the day. They will answer your questions, help you study and prepare you for the exams.
Apart from skiing and studying there is also plenty of time for socialising. In the hotel you can have a well-deserved drink at the bar, play pool or go to the sauna.

We had a sociable group with a diverse composition (young and old) and had a lot of fun.
The strength of Snowsports is the passion they have for skiing, snowboarding and teaching them. They can tell you everything about the work as a ski instructor and what it involves. The supervisors and trainers of Snowsports are also very professional, helpful and always in for a good time. Thanks to Snowsports it was for me a journey never to forget and I hope to start work this winter as a ski instructor in Austria.