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On this page you can find everything about the ski instructor insurance. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Everything you need to know about your insurance!

Ski instructor and snowboard instructor insurance during your stay in Austria. As a ski and/or snowboard instructor you are insured during working hours for liability through the ski school where you are working. You are also insured for medical expenses in the event of complaints arising from working at the ski school. However, if you go onto the slopes in your spare time or your camera is stolen, you are not insured through the ski school. For this reason you need a good working holiday insurance with winter sports cover. A ‘normal’ travel insurance policy does not allow you to work abroad. That is why you need a special travel insurance. You also need to be aware of the rules regarding health insurance. In this article we will tell you more about this through our insurance partner who, together with a reliable insurance company, has put together a package especially for you as a winter sports instructor!

If you start working in Austria and you also have income from the Netherlands (e.g. student grant or other wages), your Dutch healthcare insurance will usually not change. You will therefore remain obliged to take out insurance in the Netherlands. However, because a Basic Healthcare Insurance only covers emergencies abroad and up to the rates applicable in the Netherlands, the section Medical Expenses Supplementary is no superfluous luxury. You will then be insured up to the cost price for medically necessary costs not reimbursed by your healthcare insurer. If you have supplementary insurance with your healthcare insurer, it is a good idea to check the maximum amounts that will be reimbursed abroad. On the basis of this information you will then be able to determine whether or not additional coverage is required. In addition, the headings S.O.S. Care, Luggage and Accidents are indispensable, as these coverages always fall outside the scope of the healthcare insurance. In such event, the S.O.S. Care will include repatriation, mountain rescue and repatriation to the Netherlands. Read more about this later in this article.

If you start working within Europe and no longer have income in the Netherlands, your entitlement to Dutch healthcare insurance usually lapses on the first day you work there. You will therefore be required to terminate your healthcare insurance as from your first day at work (i.e. not as from the first day you arrive in Austria, during the periods in which you are in Austria but do not work there, you will be required to take out insurance in the Netherlands). Social Insurance Bank (SVB) will decide on your obligation to take out insurance. It is not the healthcare insurer itself, but the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Social Insurance Bank) that will decide whether or not you need to stay insured in the Netherlands.

If you are going to perform paid work abroad, you will therefore have to apply to the SVB for an investigation into your Wlz status (Wlz stands for Long-term Care Act). If the SVB determines that you are no longer insured under the Wlz scheme from the date on which you started working abroad, you will no longer be entitled to or obliged to take out Dutch Basic Health Care Insurance from the same date, and you will therefore have to terminate it. On this page on the website of the SVB, you can apply for the Wlz investigation in various ways. Please note: the SVB will usually only assess your situation shortly before or on the day of your departure abroad. As a result, you will usually only receive notification from them once you have already left the Netherlands. However, the SVB’s decision will apply retroactively, so the termination of your healthcare insurance will also apply retroactively (the SVB’s decision will be binding on your healthcare insurer). Will you stop working abroad again? If so, you will be obliged to take out Basic health Insurance again as from the next day.

From that date you will have a maximum of 4 months to reapply to a Dutch healthcare insurer and to take out the healthcare insurance with retroactive effect. If your healthcare insurance is terminated, you will also need to include the section Medical Costs Full (primary coverage and therefore valid without Dutch healthcare insurance) in the package. Please note that the insurance package must be taken out before departure and for the entire duration of your trip (even if you have not yet received notification from the SVB), i.e. from the day on which you leave the Netherlands (and not only from the first day on which you start working in Austria, as your insurance will not be valid if it is not taken out for the entire duration of your trip).

A word of warning: Austria is notorious during the winter season for having several providers of care and ambulance services which are not recognised by the competent authorities. These costs are not covered by insurance, and travellers are then left with a hefty bill. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to contact the emergency centre in the event of an emergency or if you expect high costs (+31 (0) 20 59 29 187). If necessary, they can refer you to an authorised physician, issue a payment guarantee and settle the costs directly with the healthcare provider. Taking out insurance If you would like more information, please mail to The S.O.S. Nederlandse Hulpverlening (S.O.S. Nederlandse Hulpverlening) will always be co-insured as standard; the other categories can be insured as an option.

This is the only compulsory heading and, with comprehensive cover for all kinds of emergency situations, forms the basis of your insurance package. From personal assistance ranging from medical advice to booking a return trip because something unpleasant has happened at home.

Maybe you don’t immediately think about it, but often you take more valuable things with you than you think. A camera, mobile phone or mp3 player with your favourite music is rarely missing in everyone’s hand luggage. If something unexpected happens to your belongings, it is nice to be able to fall back on your insurance. Of course, your ski equipment is also included in your luggage (N.B. for sports equipment that forms a single unit, a maximum reimbursement of € 500 applies).

You pay a considerable amount to your healthcare insurer each month. As soon as you have income within the EU (and no longer in the Netherlands), your entitlement to Dutch healthcare insurance will generally lapse. It is therefore not a bad idea to include the Additional Medical Expenses and/or Medical Expenses sections in full in your package for a small amount. The Full Medical Expenses section has primary coverage and therefore does not require you to take out Dutch healthcare insurance during your stay in Austria. The Additional Medical Expenses section only has additional coverage and is therefore only valid if you are entitled to your Dutch healthcare insurance during your entire stay abroad.

You would rather not think about it; an accident. But still, it is wise to think about it for a moment if you would like to have things sorted out properly. If you have the “Accidents” section in your package, you are also insured on the slopes outside your working hours, especially if your days are filled with skiing and snowboarding. Special activities and (winter) sports are standard included in the insurance we work with.

Do you want to cover yourself for the financial consequences if you accidentally cause damage to someone else? During the après-ski after a hard day’s work, does your drink fall on someone? Does being bruised just because you stumble and that person is not insured for medical expenses? With the Liability section you don’t have to worry about the financial consequences. A good liability insurance gives you peace of mind and for less than € 0.10 cents per day you have included Liability in your package.

Anyone can unexpectedly be faced with unpleasant situations or conflicts. And most of the time they are resolved by mutual agreement. But what if that doesn’t work? And you are left with high costs at someone else’s expense? Then it’s nice to be able to fall back on expert legal assistance; from legal advice to conducting a lawsuit. Everything that has to do with your journey. For just over € 0.8 cents per day you can include legal aid in your package! Please note: the details of the cover are laid down in the insurance terms and conditions, which you can request in advance.

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